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Zach + Richard: Amy’s Ride 2014

In early February Zach and I are riding in Amy’s Ride Victoria. It’s the 4th time we’ve ridden in Amy’s Ride but this year we are also raising money for the Amy Gillett Foundation. My personal reasons for supporting the Amy Gillett Foundation are below.

The Amy Gillett Foundation’s vision is for safe bicycling throughout Australia in order to achieve the ultimate target of zero bicycling fatalities.

Please consider supporting (us and) the Amy Gillett Foundation by making a donation: http://arvic2014.gofundraise.com.au/page/ZachandRichard

And if you can’t donate, then please look out for cyclists – a metre matters.

Richard (and Zach)

Amy's Ride 2014






A bit more on why we are fundraising …
This morning (Tuesday) I was riding with some other local dads along Beach Rd. We were mid-point in a pack of approximately 30 riders on our return trip from Mordialloc. All were good cyclists and the pace was not fast. Conditions were perfect and there were very few vehicles around (it was just after 6:30am).

As we rode up the slight rise in front of the Mentone Hotel a rider 2 spots in front of me stood up to give himself more power up the rise. Without warning his left foot came out of his pedal and he lost his balance. He swerved to the right. He had no control over his bike. This happened just as a van drove past the group. The rider’s head hit the left side of the van. The impact dislodged his helmet and luckily bumped the rider to the left away from the van. He hit the road with his head and body. Blood flowed quickly but the rider stayed conscious.

No other riders were involved and the van was driving sensibly past the group. The van was more than a metre from our group and did nothing wrong.

This was as accidental as an accident can be. It happened in seconds. And it scared the crap out of me.

At 6am this guy went for a ride. Less than an hour later he was on his way to the Alfred in an ambulance. His family were probably wondering where he was.

Zach and I were already planning on riding Amy’s Ride. But the accident this morning has reminded me how dangerous our sport can be. We all need to take care – riders and drivers. And I think the Amy Gillett Foundation does great work to improve cycling safety. So, if you can, please consider making a donation and either way, please take care out there.


PS: I understand that the rider is going to be OK. He has broken bones and a badly cut face which may need surgery.


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