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The Online Presence – Part 4

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Step 1 = Facebook

Step 2 = Linked In

Step 3 = Twitter

Step 4 = Posterous

So Facebook has been good fun. In fact it remains fun. For personal stuff.

Linked In, well, I’m not so sure. Lots of professional type people making lots of connections. But I do feel that the only time people update Linked In is when they have decided to look for a new job. Plus, I keep up with the connections that deliver me work in a more personal way – hard to believe, but I prefer the phone to stay in touch. I’m not avoiding Linked In, but I just don’t think it’s as hot as some people would have you believe.

I’m still new to Twitter, but am impressed by the immediacy. I have 2 twitter accounts:

  • twitter.com/ancible which I’m using for healthcare supply chain “stuff”
  • twitter.com/RBthinks which is my personal / experimental account … if you want to know what cereal I ate for breakfast … my facebook equivalent

But I’ve been listening to Luke and Tim on the http://smallbusinessbigmarketing.com/ podcast. And they keep saying that “you” need a blog. They also say that you need FB, LI and Twitter … so the blog is the 4th step.

Now I’m not exactly a lemming, but the blog idea does align with some other thinking that I’ve been thinking :)

I am concerned that I am doing too much consuming of other people’s media and not enough creating of my own media. I’m not thinking enough. Writing makes me think. Blog, tick.

I am also wanting to pursue the ancible profile in healthcare supply chain. It’s an area that ticks all my career boxes. I have a sense that this is the area that I’ve been searching for all these years (well, 20, but who’s counting). So I want to do all that’s necessary to make it happen. There’s probably a whole post on this topic alone. Blog, tick.

So here’s the first post. Part 4 of the online presence.


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