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The digitisation of Fairfax publications

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Following my examination yesterday of News Corp’s approach to the disruptive influence of smartphones, tablets and apps generally it was interesting to see Fairfax outline its approach at today’s investor briefing.

Despite much of the reporting focusing on the potential cost-savings that may flow from a Fairfax restructure, in particular the integration of their major newspapers and websites into one grouping “Australian Metro Media”, there was an interesting “me too” statement from Fairfax CEO Brian McCarthy. Crikey reported (registration required):

On paywalls, McCarthy reiterated his belief that the “jury was still out” on whether people were prepared to pay for the smh.com.au and theage.com.au’s vanilla offerings, however people would stump up for iPad and iPhone apps, souped-up versions of which will be apparently available early next year for around the same price as their News Limited rivals. Around 50 other apps, including the popularDomain.com.au offering, would be also continue to be leveraged, McCarthy said.

Well, that looks like we’ve got consensus on the app model!


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