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OK, I’ll bite

A good friend of mine sent me a link to this Fairfax article “Steve Jobs’s Apple legacy may not be so sweet at the core”. While most articles about Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO are full of praise for Jobs I was intrigued by the subterfuge suggested by this article’s headline. Is there something sinister lurking in the details?

Advertising and Me.

Advertising is fascinating. But what works on me?

Dear Fairfax II

Tonight I received a phone call from one of your telemarketers. Did he have a deal for me! His offer was The Age home delivered 7 days a week for 12 months … for $1.90 per week. Yes, the whole week’s papers delivered for less than the newsagent price for Saturday’s paper. Wow, that is […]

Dear Fairfax

Dear Fairfax People I’m really disappointed with your pricing on the iPad edition of The Age. It’s wrong in so many ways: $20 for print, and $18 for electronic … you can’t tell me that printing and delivery costs only $2 per mth You hang on to this notion that people want a combined print/electronic […]

The digitisation of Fairfax publications

Following my examination yesterday of News Corp’s approach to the disruptive influence of smartphones, tablets and apps generally it was interesting to see Fairfax outline its approach at today’s investor briefing.