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Dear Fairfax II

Tonight I received a phone call from one of your telemarketers. Did he have a deal for me! His offer was The Age home delivered 7 days a week for 12 months … for $1.90 per week. Yes, the whole week’s papers delivered for less than the newsagent price for Saturday’s paper. Wow, that is […]

Dear Fairfax

Dear Fairfax People I’m really disappointed with your pricing on the iPad edition of The Age. It’s wrong in so many ways: $20 for print, and $18 for electronic … you can’t tell me that printing and delivery costs only $2 per mth You hang on to this notion that people want a combined print/electronic […]

Tip: Annotating PDF Files

One barrier to going paperless is the PDF form. Here’s 4 tips to save you hitting Print!