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First impressions: iPhone 5

Each iPhone has been an evolution and this is no different. We will all buy one and be wowed. There is still no true competitor for the iPhone / iOS / iTunes ecosystem.

Tip: Migrating from Work to Home iTunes with your iPhone or iPod

It’s a pretty common question: “I’m leaving work and have been syncing my iPhone (or iPod) to my work computer, but now I want to change to my home computer for syncing and not lose my data. What should I do?”

Here’s my answer.

Tip: Making Two Hard Drives Appear as One

I conceded defeat. In December last year I wrote that I was going to stop adding content to iTunes. My aim was to avoid having to buy 2TB hard drives – surely 1TB was enough media! Well little over four months later I succumbed and bought that 2TB hard drive. In fact I bought 2 […]


Recently I found myself with a full external hard drive. With such drives selling for less than $100 for 1TB this might not seem to be such a big deal – just buy another one! And that was my initial thought. But upon review I decided that it wouldn’t be so simple because the full […]