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First impressions: iPhone 5

Each iPhone has been an evolution and this is no different. We will all buy one and be wowed. There is still no true competitor for the iPhone / iOS / iTunes ecosystem.

Tip: Migrating from Work to Home iTunes with your iPhone or iPod

It’s a pretty common question: “I’m leaving work and have been syncing my iPhone (or iPod) to my work computer, but now I want to change to my home computer for syncing and not lose my data. What should I do?”

Here’s my answer.

OK, I’ll bite

A good friend of mine sent me a link to this Fairfax article “Steve Jobs’s Apple legacy may not be so sweet at the core”. While most articles about Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO are full of praise for Jobs I was intrigued by the subterfuge suggested by this article’s headline. Is there something sinister lurking in the details?

Review: Blogpress vs WordPress on iOS

As far as I’m aware there are 2 main options for blogging using iOS devices, the official Wordpress App and the Blogpress App. This is what I’ve learned.

The IP wars: the User Interface front

My question is should these App developers be paid licensing fees by other Apps that use their UI?