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Review: Mantra Amphora, Palm Cove

We spent 8 nights at Mantra in July. During this time the weather wasn’t great – it was warm (mid-20’s) but overcast and quite windy for a few of the days.

Mantra was pretty good. In fact, I’d say it was great.

IMG_6251My view might be tainted by our experience the 5 days previous at Mango Lagoon, but I suspect the accommodation at Mantra is forever going to be the benchmark against which other accommodation is measured by our family. I fear we’ve raised the bar too high!

We had a ground floor apartment with a deck area that looked over the pool. The pool was warm, with the only downer being the lack of a “lap” area. But even with the strong onshore wind blowing in Palm Cove for much of our stay the Mantra pool area was both sheltered from wind and sunny.

The room was bright and spacious. The kid’s room fitted 3 single beds (one was a rollout) and even the bathrooms were bright and spacious. Open plan kitchen and living, with comfortable couches, table and chairs.

IMG_6278We were a bit slow on working it out, but the restaurant at the front of the Mantra had $10 “Happy Hour” cocktails each afternoon. We may have left the kids in the room to have a cocktail. We may have told them that if they were still alive when we returned we’d take them for pizza. But we’d only admit to that if you agreed to not call us bad parents!



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