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Month 3 and the New Years resolution is looking shaky

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One of my resolutions for this year was to do more “creating” and less “consuming” of content.

So, how’s that going?

Well, I set up Posterous, but that was done in 2009.

I made 4 posts in January. Cool, one per week!

And based on the posterous stats, these pages have had around 600 views. I wonder if anyone’s stayed longer than the time it takes to click to something else?!

In February I started drafting 7 posts … but none are finished.

And now it’s March. Hmm.

My aim is one post per week. I’m four week’s behind. Aghh.

I’ve been slightly more active on Twitter – 160 tweets since 3 December – but most of them have been of the “show about nothing” variety (thanks Jerry). I’m yet to turn my ancible twitter account into the health care supply chain account that I had in mind. Hmm again.


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