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Looking backwards

No, this post is not a reflection on the past. It’s not a deep insight into the lessons we can learn from history. It’s not even about looking over your shoulder to see what’s chasing you (although that could be interesting).

This post is about a reversing mirror.


This is the reversing mirror in our hire-car. The car is a Kia Sportage.

When driving forwards it looks just like a normal mirror. But throw the car into reverse and the left third of the mirror becomes a screen displaying the view from rear of the car.

It even has 3 coloured zones – hard to see on this picture – green, yellow and red. The reversing beepers make an increasingly frantic chime if an object is in each zone.

I have no idea if Kia invented this, or even if they are the only car manufacturer to have this feature. But it’s neat, I like it!


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