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Is that a gun in your pocket?

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As well as the parents-in-law, we also had their house-guest come for dinner tonight. Let’s call him Michael. After dinner the kids were getting ready for bed, the wife and her Mum were finishing off the dishes and Michael, my father-in-law and I were keeping out of the way (which is not code for slacking off, I had bbq’d and done a fair bit of the cleaning … truly!).

Michael pulled a bottlebrush seed pod out of his pocket and started talking quite knowledgeably about the pod, its contents and how he planned on planting it when he returned home to his property in NSW. I joked about how I thought he must have found it in our couch (entirely possible) to which he confirmed that no, it came from his pocket. To illustrate his point he then pulled out the other thing he had in his pocket – a small pencil (“in case I need to mark anything up” he explained).

So here in our lounge room we had Michael, whose pockets contained a seed pod and a builder’s pencil.

Maybe a seed pod and a pencil is not that abnormal but it started me thinking about what the contents of your pockets can tell about you. Michael’s pockets certainly aligned with him being a handyman who is building his own home on his property in NSW. What do the contents of my pockets tell about me?

At that time I only had 1 thing in my pocket – the cork from the wine we’d drunk. It was in my pocket because I collect corks to give to a local charity who use corks for fund-raising. What does this tell you about me? I’d most-likely had a glass of wine; I think about what I do with rubbish-type stuff; I don’t mind going out of my way if it think it might help others?

If we hadn’t been listening to music via my docked iPhone then that would almost certainly have been in my pocket. I am inseparable from my iPhone. What does an iPhone tell you? When I had my first iPhone – it was an original iPhone bought by a mate when he travelled to New York – that would have told you that I am an Apple fanboy. But now, with iPhone penetration so high it doesn’t distinguish me from the huge number of iPhone toting Mums and Dads in suburban Australia.

Generally I also carry a handkerchief. My wife thinks it’s a great way to spread germs yet when we’re out she’s doesn’t hesitate to borrow it if the kids need cleaning. What does a handkerchief tell you? That my parents taught me to carry one? That I’m prepared?

There’s two more things that I sometimes carry – a set of keys and a credit card and/or cash. But only sometimes. And if possible the bulk will be minimal. I don’t like carrying bulky, jangling keys. I don’t like carrying a large wallet. They’ll be with me, but not on me. What does this tell you? I like small? Again, that I plan ahead.

What’s in your pockets?


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