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Recently I found myself with a full external hard drive. With such drives selling for less than $100 for 1TB this might not seem to be such a big deal – just buy another one!

And that was my initial thought.

But upon review I decided that it wouldn’t be so simple because the full external hard drive was used for my iTunes library. By having all iTunes content on one hard drive (by selecting the “Copy files to iTunes Media folder” option, see screen shot below) it is easy for me to manage iTunes and it is easy to back up iTunes (I use SuperDuper to clone the master iTunes hard drive – one copy stored locally, one copy offsite).

iTunes Prefs

If I added an additional hard drive then it would need to be a 2TB drive – which means I’d need three 2TB drives (or delve into the world of spanning drives). Suddenly it’s not so cheap and not so simple.

So I looked again at the content of that drive. Using the wonderful DaisyDisk application it was clear to see that the bulk of the disk usage was for TV Shows and Movies.


A quick glance at iTunes showed that I had a heap of unwatched content:

– 67 movies … which would take 4.9 days to watch
– and 935 TV show episodes … which would take 19.6 days to watch.

It’s pretty clear that I ain’t going to be watching that anytime soon.


Because not only is my iTunes hard drive full, so am I!

Maybe it’s a stretch, but I reckon this hard drive could be seen as a metaphor for my life right now. I reckon I am also full: my family, our dogs, my work, my fitness … it’s fun but it’s busy.

When I’m lucky enough to find a window of downtime then I am faced by a mountain of options – the week’s newspapers (although we won’t be renewing the subscription when it expires), the pile of physical magazines (again, won’t be renewing), the shelf of unread physical books, the unread iBooks on the iPad, the unread magazines on Zinio (iPad/iPhone/Mac), the unread RSS feeds, even the latest Tweets.

And the 25 days worth of iTunes content.

So many options and so little chance that I’ll catch up on any of them.

So what to do?

Step 1: review iTunes … can I delete any of the watched content? Sure, I’ll never delete Seinfeld, but once I’ve watched Mad Men I’m happy to delete it.

Step 2: don’t import any more content into iTunes. Just because iiNet gives me 100GB per month doesn’t mean I need to use it. Just because Quickflix sends me movies doesn’t mean I need to keep asking for more.

Step 3: hope that Apple release a cloud-based media service that removes the need for physical media!


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