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First impressions: iPhone 5

A question from D Sweet

The iPhone 5: meet expectations, exceed expectations, below expectations?

I think the iPhone 5 met expectations. And the market seems to agree … 1.4% up against a +0.4% NASDAQ / +0.07% DOW for the day (the iPhone 5 launch being before the market opened).

iPhone 5

The problem is that almost everything about it had been leaked – the name, the size, the chip, the dual-band 4G, the screen resolution, the new dock connector, even the new earpods … very little was news.

Each iPhone has been an evolution and this is no different. We will all buy one and be wowed. There is still no true competitor for the iPhone / iOS / iTunes ecosystem.

Of particular interest in Australia is the dual-band 4G chip. Telstra and Optus/Virgin both supported. Hopefully this will mean some decent contract prices.

Amazon Kindles

Also of interest to me is the Amazon kindles released last week. I have a little investment in Amazon and I really like what they are doing with Kindle. They make no secret of the fact that they sell them at low margins so that they can sell Amazon content and products. Very clever. If I was in the US, or when Amazon are in Aust I could/can definitely see our family buying a couple of Kindles (we all read a fair bit).


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