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Emoji: Smilies 2.0

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An ex-colleague used to send me text messages and tweets that regularly contained Emoji type icons. Cool, but I never got around to installing the necessary apps myself. Well over the last couple of months I’ve dipped my toes into the world of Emoji and here’s my favourites:

  1. Emoji Free! – it’s the app that has the most colourful, intricate emoji icons. Quite beautiful. Only downside is that only iPhones can receive the emoji. But then who has friends who don’t have iPhones?
  2. Unicode – at $2.49 (or free with ads) these icons are all B&W. I guess this means that non-iPhones will receive the icons. The developer claims that Macs and PC’s can see the icons, but doesn’t mention other phones … hmm. None-the-less a solid app with a favourites tab that saves time when searching for those icons you use more often.


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