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Dear Fairfax II

Tonight I received a phone call from one of your telemarketers. Did he have a deal for me!

His offer was The Age home delivered 7 days a week for 12 months … for $1.90 per week. Yes, the whole week’s papers delivered for less than the newsagent price for Saturday’s paper.

Wow, that is a good deal.

“OK, I’m interested” I tell him. “But I don’t want the physical paper, just give me the iPad version”.

“No, sorry, you have to receive the paper home delivered”.

I then asked him whether it includes access to the iPad edition. I was thinking that I could tell my newsagent not to deliver the paper – they would probably be happy to be paid for not doing something. But alas, after the quickest “hold on while I check with my supervisor” I’ve ever experienced he was back with a polite “No”. Poor kid was probably on commission and knew this call was going nowhere – I doubt he checked with anyone.

So again you’ve missed out on a sale. Again you’ve missed out on my family’s eyeballs. Let’s remember, part of the reason I like the iPad version is because of the adverts. I want to read your paper. I want to view your advertising.

But again your pitch to me has illustrated that you’re stuck in the “print circulation is all that matters” mindset. And I continue to consume my news elsewhere. Oh well.


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