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I’m not claiming to be a futurist. I’ll leave that to people such as Marcus Barber. But I do like to look forward What do we call this? Futurism? Closely aligned to optimism. Always asking the kids what’s coming up. Moving on from disappointment by looking forward. Getting over the sadness of a holiday ending […]

Dad promoting Organ Donation

As the 114th liver transplant recipient in Australia, Dad encourages people to consider becoming organ donors.

Advertising and Me.

Advertising is fascinating. But what works on me?


Recently I found myself with a full external hard drive. With such drives selling for less than $100 for 1TB this might not seem to be such a big deal – just buy another one! And that was my initial thought. But upon review I decided that it wouldn’t be so simple because the full […]

Police visit; moral dilemma

After speaking to the police I realised that this good deed may have gone too far.