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I’m not claiming to be a futurist. I’ll leave that to people such as Marcus Barber. But I do like to look forward What do we call this? Futurism? Closely aligned to optimism. Always asking the kids what’s coming up. Moving on from disappointment by looking forward. Getting over the sadness of a holiday ending […]

Zach + Richard: Amy’s Ride 2014

the accident this morning has reminded me how dangerous our sport can be. We all need to take care – riders and drivers. And I think the Amy Gillett Foundation does great work to improve cycling safety. So, if you can, please consider making a donation and either way, please take care out there

Review: Silent Witness

Silent Witness is a novel by American writer Richard North Patterson. “Utterly compelling courtroom drama” Is what it reads on the back cover and I agree. Jumping back and forwards between high school and 28 years later present day this book tells the story of two close friends who are both joined in tragedies. The […]

Review: Jobs

A few weeks ago I saw the excellent “Springsteen & I” movie. One of the reviews made the comment “if you’re a fan of Springsteen you will love this movie … but you’ll probably already know most of this stuff”. I feel the same way about “Jobs”. It was a good movie but there was […]

Review: Mantra Amphora, Palm Cove

We spent 8 nights at Mantra in July. During this time the weather wasn’t great – it was warm (mid-20’s) but overcast and quite windy for a few of the days. Mantra was pretty good. In fact, I’d say it was great. My view might be tainted by our experience the 5 days previous at […]