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Advertising and Me.

Advertising is fascinating to me. The challenge to capture an audience in a world of advertising-weary consumers is the non-physical combat of our generation.

There’s viral. There’s traditional. There’s video, audio and print. There’s product placement. There’s billboards and hoardings. There’s cash for comment! So many forms of advertising, but does it all work?

This post considers the advertising that works on me – at present, with my life and all the time-demands that my life entails.

(1) Clearly marked sponsor posts in RSS feeds

This form of advertising is used to great effect by a number of my Apple-related RSS feeds. For example:

At least once a week I click through to these links. And 3-4 times per year I buy a product (generally software). For example, I bought Pixelmator after clicking through one of these links.

(2) Podcast sponsorship.

I’m an avid podcast listener. Walking the dogs, commuting, doing chores around the house – podcasts are my audio of choice. And podcast advertising works on me.

Sometimes I seek out the podcast sponsor products because I want to support the podcaster. But often I seek out the sponsor because I want to know more about their products. Product promotions for relevant products by a recognised expert (the podcaster) are very effective on me.

The most common podcast sponsor is probably Audible … yes I’ve had an audible membership. But I’ve also bought many iPhone Apps promoted by Mac OS Ken and I’ve just bought TextExpander after hearing the Mac Geek Gab talk about the product.

(3) Print newspaper advertising.

Hang-on I hear you say, you don’t like print newspapers? No, I just prefer to read them on my iPad! And part of the reason is that I like looking at the static advertisements. I think the reason is that the advertisements are geographically targeted – but maybe it’s just habit. Don’t know.

But I do seek out the advertising whenever I read news in the print format. When I read news on a news website I actively try to avoid the advertising – especially that in-your-face takeover-the-whole-screen-until-you-click advertising that is becoming more common on the Fairfax websites.

What’s missing from the list?

That leaves a hell of a lot of advertising that doesn’t “work on me”. Of course that doesn’t mean that it’s not good, it’s just that it’s not for me.

  1. Commercial TV: I only ever watch live sport; everything else is either recorded or downloaded and watched without the adverts.
  2. Radio: I used to love the radio, but that was before podcasts. Now, I only listen to radio for live sport, under the shower or in the background when there’s more than just me around.
  3. Product placement: I don’t *think* it works on me. But I do own a lot of Apple products …
  4. iPhone adverts: but I’m yet to experience the alleged wonder of iAds.
  5. Spam.


What works for you?


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