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Suited Richard

OK, so Ancible.com is my website. I’m Richard Bowen.

As you can tell from the writing categories to the right I’m married with 3 wonderful kids (all born since 2002), I’m passionate about supply chain, healthcare, the Richmond football club and Apple. I like to critique things. I think I have some good ideas and I hope that history will show that I’ve implemented some of my ideas, not just ideas from other people. Hopefully the ideas will be as good as VicReport (prize winner) and as well implemented as AXA Generations (I was responsible for the naming, launch and initial promotion; hope you like it!).

Ancible Pty Ltd

Ancible Pty Ltd (ABN 92 120 493 316) is my private company. I provide business consulting services under the Ancible brand.

Bags in Motion

Ancible also trades as Bags in Motion for urban and commuter cycling gear! If you need a backpack, pannier, basket or child-seat then we have you covered!


ancible.com/writing/ is a blog. Specifically it’s used as a blog where I can practice my writing. If you read it then I’m flattered, but I have no lofty ambitions. I just want to write stuff :)

Online Presence

I exist online in a few places:

Where does the Ancible name come from?

I’d been trading under the oh-so-exciting name of “Bowen Management” when my accountant agreed that it was time to form a Proprietary Limited company. And to do that I needed a name. It was time to come up with something creative.

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

At the time I was reading Orson Scott Card’s book Ender’s Game. It was the first, and to this day only, science-fiction book I have read. I was reading it because I thought it important that I read at least one sci-fi novel. It was good; very enjoyable; very clever (but I guess not so enjoyable that I’ve read another sci-fi book since!)

In Ender’s Game the protagonist, Ender Wiggin is training for battle. He uses a device that provides instantaneous communication. I’ve always thought that communication was one of my stronger consulting skills so decided that my company should be named after that device.

I was thrilled to find that both ancible.com and ancible.com.au were available. There was no other Ancible Pty Ltd. So I registered the name and Ancible was born.

But there’s a twist in this tale.

When I say that I was “reading” Ender’s Game what I meant was that I was listening to Ender’s Game as an audiobook. If I’d been reading the book I would have seen that the device that provides instantaneous communication is called an Ansible, not an Ancible.

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