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AFL: 1997 v Today – Rule Changes

Footy has changed since 1997. In particular the AFL keeps tinkering with the rules. Some changes are good, but some add nothing to the game.

Cricket Scoring App

I’m not a big cricket fan. I like listening to the ABC radio commentary: it is “the sound of summer”, but that’s about it.

But I have some friends who are into cricket. They play, they watch, they listen. All good.

And they have kids who play cricket. Which means they taxi, they watch, they umpire and they score.

And this is where the idea comes.

Review: Cadel Evans, Close to Flying

Cadel Evans is a legend. He is Australia’s greatest modern-day cyclist and possibly our greatest cyclist ever. His success has come on both mountain bikes and road bikes. He has worked extremely hard to extract the best from himself and he has done that in a country that does not have the European cycling heritage.

AAPL: Do you get it now?

$1,000 in Dell stock in late 1997 is worth $1,360 now; $1,000 invested in Apple in late 1997 would be worth $45,000.