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Wikileaks: Directing Anger

A good friend of mine has a very personal concern about Wikileaks: I am incandescent with rage because military¬†families all over the world are now in a much more precarious position. MelbourneLily and her family members are those special type of people who are prepared to put their lives at risk to enable the rest […]

3 more reasons why this is the final newspaper subscription

When the current newsPAPER subscription expires I won’t be renewing – mainly because the iPad provides a better newsreading experience. But there’s other reasons as well.


Recently I found myself with a full external hard drive. With such drives selling for less than $100 for 1TB this might not seem to be such a big deal – just buy another one! And that was my initial thought. But upon review I decided that it wouldn’t be so simple because the full […]

Police visit; moral dilemma

After speaking to the police I realised that this good deed may have gone too far.

Acer, more like crap-er

I’ve often wondered why I’ve never seen any netbooks being used “in the wild”. Today I found out why.